Half Way!

Following yesterday’s post, in which we estimated that the crew had completed approximately one third of the journey, we can now confirm that the guys have in fact passed the half way point!

The team’s most recent GPS signal was sent at a location just before the town of Porto on the River Amazon. Our rough calculations suggest that this means they have now been rowing for 1,074 miles – over half of the anticipated 2,077 mile total!

What’s more, the crew had hoped to reach this half way point on the 15th day of rowing. However, due to the initial delay, the challenge did not begin until the 4th November – meaning that the guys have been rowing for well under a fortnight, especially given the longer-than-expected stay at Tabatinga.

However, it’s not getting any easier – as one team member shared via the Row the Amazon Twitter account:

Half Way Point - Row the Amazon

Here’s hoping they can continue with the pace and finish ahead of schedule! In the meantime, please continue to donate to the crew’s charities!

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