The conditions and demands of this journey will be unlike anything we, or any but a handful of other rowers, have ever faced before.

Intense sun, heat and very high levels of humidity while rowing around the clock for circa 30 days will make this an extreme endurance test. Daily challenges ranging from the basics of securing clean drinking water and avoiding dehydration and debilitating sickness, to dodging fallen trees and vast river barge convoys, will mean we will have to be vigilant, day and night. Navigating the remote upper reaches of the Peruvian Amazon, the dense forests of Colombia, and the busy shipping lanes of Brazil, will demand immense stamina, a very high degree of committed training and above all strength of mind and teamwork.

Our vessel will be a 28 foot ocean-going rowing boat Рthe Bishop Рjust big enough to carry our five man crew. We will row for around 750 hours, rotating constantly with two men sculling, two resting and one keeping watch for hazards.

We aim to become only the second crew to row the full length of the Amazon unsupported and hopefully this will be accomplished in 30 days or fewer.

Our efforts will hopefully result in some significant charity fund boosting and raise some further awareness to this most incredible environment which is so critical to the wellbeing of our planet.