The challenge will be supported with regular blog feeds and a live tracker to allow our supporters and the media and follow our progress in the lead up to and during the row itself.  After the event, we plan to organise a series of speaking events to tell the story of Row the Amazon 2015, and our sponsors will be given a prominent profile throughout. Friends and family, based in the UK, will keep the website constantly refreshed and up to date with video, photographs and text, to maintain interest, with regular bulletins to national, regional and local media channels.

Amazon Row

Amazon Row

Amazon Row

Thanks to our Gold Sponsors Eaton Manor for this great write up on the Row the Amazon challenge!

Eaton Manor

The Row the Amazon challenge has made the front page of the Iquitos Times!

iquitos times

Thanks to the Shropshire Star for this update on the challenge!

Amazon Row

Remember that you can donate to all crew members and their chosen charities via the Profiles page.

Stuart has made the cover of this quarter’s Thumb Print, the magazine for members of the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Read his article by clicking the link below…

Thumb Print Magazine

Just before he departed for South Amercia, crew member Simon Furnival found the time to speak to BBC Radio Shropshire about the Row the Amazon challenge.

Please scroll to about 2 hours 35 minutes to catch the full interview.

The link will last for a further 27 days, so be quick!

BBC Radio Shropshire

Thanks to Row360 for mapping our route down the Amazon like we never could!

Row360 - Row the Amazon

The wise words of Martin Berry, as published in British Rowing‘s Rowing and Regatta magazine. Read more below!

British Rowing - Rowing and Regatta - Row the Amazon 2015

What’s What! magazine has been kind enough to feature Row the Amazon in its latest edition!

You can read the article by clicking the link below, or feel free to read the full issue here.

It’s been great to have so much support from the local community.

Whats What Mag

Thanks to the team over at Adventure Travel magazine for sharing news of Row the Amazon on its expedition noticeboard! Read on…

Adventure Travel

Thanks to the Shropshire Star for this great article on the challenge!

Read on to discover more about the Bishop’s backstory, why the crew chose these particular charities and what’s on offer to potential sponsors!

Shropshire Star

The Iquitos Times, the English language newspaper at a location through which we will be passing whilst rowing the Amazon, has very kindly published our news! Read more here:

iquitos times

We’ve made the BBC! Martin and Andy were featured twice on the BBC Radio Shropshire. Click the links below to ‘Listen Again’… But be quick – they’re only available for a certain amount of time!

6th February 2015 with Eric Smith and Clare Ashford (Weekday Breakfast Show) – Listen from about 2 hours 50 minutes into the show.

BBC Radio Shropshire

7th February 2015 with Clare Ashford covering for Eric Smith (Weekend Breakfast Show) – Listen from about 3 hours 30 minutes into the show.

BBC Radio Shropshire

Thank you to the team over at Love Shrewsbury for sharing news of the challenge on their successful local website:

Love Shrewsbury Logo

Thanks to the team over at Extreme Sports X for sharing news of our challenge! We also think that rowing the Amazon is pretty ‘extreme’! Read more here:

Extreme Sports X

Following the success of The Toby Wallace, Stephen Harpin talks about the challenges the crew of The Bishop will face whilst rowing the Amazon.

Shropshire Star

The Shropshire Star reported on our very own Stephen Harpin’s successful row across the Atlantic as part of the crew of the Toby Wallace. Click the logo to read more!

Shropshire Star

The Belfast Telegraph featured coverage of our vessel The Bishop during the Great River Race, held on Saturday 27 September 2014. Click on the logo to watch the video!