The Bishop Gets a Paint Job!

The Bishop has received somewhat of a facelift over the past few weeks, having been painted a shiny new colour! Of course, work is still ‘in progress’… But isn’t she looking good?! Remember to click ‘Read More’ to see more … Continued

Stripping The Bishop…

The crew’s trusty boat, the Bishop, has recently been stripped of its paintwork! It has also undergone the first stage of a rather hefty facelift. Works done include rewiring, refitting the boat with navigation systems and the installation of a safari … Continued

Atlantic Row Ends Successfully

Stephen Harpin and the crew of the Toby Wallace Ocean Rowing Boat completed their Atlantic crossing in 39 days, 23 hours and 21 minutes: the 13th fastest crossing ever. The crew also recorded the fastest 24 hour distance-speed record at … Continued

Safari in Brazil Beckons

The latest addition to the refit of the Bishop is a safari style decking which has undergone trials today before the re spray is carried out. The added space will give a multitude of uses from storage to sleeping at … Continued

The Bishop Makeover Begins

Preparation work started on the Bishop just before Christmas and the sanding down goes on and on and on! Today the wiring looms have been all stripped out and Martin has been planning the new layout, calculating the power required … Continued

Salty Sea Dog Steve Returns

Our very own Stephen Harpin has returned after rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in a smidge under 40 days… Amazing! Stephen’s new found knowledge of this mammoth row will be a great be benefit to all the crew in the … Continued

Atlantic Crossing Record in Jeopardy

In November 2014, our very own Stephen Harpin will be part of a two rowing boat duel in an attempt to secure the Atlantic Ocean crossing record. Final preparations are underway following a nine month training regime. Steve’s experience of … Continued

The Bishop Training – November

The Bishop is scheduled to complete some Welsh coast row training on 14th and 15th November. Subject to weather we hope to complete the next leg of our long term project to row around the whole UK coastline. Maybe Beaumaris … Continued

Getting the Crew Together…

Following some testing rows on The Bishop during the autumn of 2014 and having scored a fourth place in the Celtic Challenge Irish Sea race, the team are now busy preparing for the journey. Significant logistical and technical challenges lie ahead, … Continued

The Seed is Sown

In the spring of 2013 there was news of an ocean rowing boat for sale. Sitting, lazily, in a North Shropshire field was a Woodvale 4 rowing boat of some significant beauty which caught the eye of four lads who … Continued